Medical Sector

Strategy in the Medical Sector

Working on strategy in the medical and pharmaceuticals sector requires knowledge and understanding of current and innovative clinical and medical practices, sympathy towards the relationship between public and private practice, the ability to navigate government and regulatory body practices at both national and global level and the tenacity to drive change through brand programs at the product level and institutionally. We have worked on multiple initiatives in this sector.

Human Autocell: Bridge to Transplant for Liver Failure

Human Autocell Limited, a UK medical devices manufacturing group acquired the patents and assets of a German medical device startup in 2014 which had developed a procedure and 3D scaffold for extracting liver cells from patients with liver cirrhosis in an autologous procedure. The liver cells were then implanted on the scaffold and grown in the laboratory before reinsertion to provide supplementary liver growth. 75 patients were treated in this way. Human Autocell has retained TaoSquare for the past 3 years to align its business strategy to bring the technology to market through brand alignment. Activities included a research phase, interviews with senior management and industry experts, attendance at conferences before formulating a strategic plan,  a brand positioning, brand tools were then developed including offer documents for fundraising, a website and brochure and brand assets for the company. In addition, TaoSquare is retained to initiate and hold discussions with investors and partners in global markets including China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Europe and America.

Apacor: World Leader in Innovative Medical Supplies

Apacor is a leading UK-based global provider of medical supplies to laboratories and hospital clinics for research and clinical development in the fields of parasitology, instrumentation, rapid testing and electrophoresis. Solutions include leading-edge diagnostic solutions in the field of medical parasitology. TaoSquare was retained to develop a brand alignment program along with a digital strategy to make the website the resource for international sales, for product information, for latest regulations and new product training to multiple independent dealers and the clinical research community. The new brand and offline sales tools were developed in parallel with the new website and a brand launch was carried out to mark the global annual Medica trade fair. An SEO strategy was developed as the website was rolled out. Post-launch, the site is monitored for traffic and analytics are used to tweak the messaging and website structure and content. In addition, we developed a series of creative instruction videos with our creative partners to help users of the Apacor product range.

Omron Japan: Brand Training in Pharmaceuticals

OMRON Healthcare is committed to improving the quality of everyone’s lives by providing clinically validated, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring, therapy and disease prevention. We provided brand training to support the brand materials and tools developed for sales channels and supporting sales outlets at the headquarters level.

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