Soil Remediation

Infrastructure Service Strategy

Increasingly infrastructure clients are seeing the benefit of differentiating their offerings from the competition. Infrastructure includes industrial land, commercial real estate, associated services providing support for construction and sustainable resource projects.

Marina Lab: One-stop Shop for Remediation Services

Marina Lab is a consultancy offering remediation services to the China market from a base in Hong Kong. Consultants are able to provide advisory and one-stop solutions to alleviate ground pollution in brownfield sites and for water pollution. 

Richwood International; China thinks Global

Richwood International is a Chinese commercial real estate and business service conglomerate which invests in real estate development and ancillary services. Based in Shunde, Guangdong, the private company is developing capabilities in upmarket infrastructure development and branching into branded tenancies. It also offers support to customers entering the commercial properties it leases. Brendan McMahon is an advisor to the company for the development of its properties and branded solutions. The company is about to open a new mixed-use building with restaurants and brands at the end of 2017.

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