Branding for Education

The explosion in demand for content and education services in Asia in the past twenty years has led to questionable quality as some unlicensed operators and content providers do not deliver on the promise.  Given the demand by Asian families to get a global education and to speak English, an Education brand needs to deliver on reputation and trust at a higher level than other sectors but also to provide results.

A7: Developing Content for Pre-Schoolers in China

A7 is an innovative experiment in bridging the demand for international characters and English language content with the moral guidance and local cultural nuances of content required by the Chinese Government and families in China. Brendan and TaoSquare were brought on board to develop an international curriculum, for pre-school and children in primary education and to work with content and animation partners to deliver an international education experience. The model was to license in the content to schools and families with regular updates of ‘gamified’ content available online and in books for the classroom. Working with educators and local governments, A7 realized a unified brand of characters for trial in schools and across other channels including playgroups in shopping malls. TaoSquare was responsible for the pedagogy and copywriting of the pre-school course from the curriculum.

London Corporate Training: Expanding to Asia

London Corporate Training or LCT as it is known, has enjoyed success over the past 20 years from its base in London offering corporate training to international short term business leaders, especially from the Middle East and Africa. The founder asked TaoSquare to help set up a brand in Hong Kong with a view to expansion to China. The project involved developing the business model, establishing an office, recruiting a manager and setting up the brand communications including a website, course descriptions in both Chinese and English and supporting the initial rollout of the courses with the new hire.

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