Brand Experience and Creativity

Founder Brendan McMahon has worked with a number of highly creative talents from musicians to painters and artists and sculptors to help them build a personal brand expressed through their creativity and to frame it in a commercial context to allow them the freedom to be creative and see a reward for their efforts.

Lupinizam by Stephan Lupino

Stephan Lupino is one of the emerging Neo-Expressionist artists of the last 40 years whose iconic work is more and more recognizable in both lifestyle context and highly regarded art circles. Brendan has been working with Lupino for the past three years to build the bridge between his prolific artistic output and creating a communications platform and business structure to help him capitalize on his work. Much of the current branding work is confidential. His website gives more information on the artist and his work.


Jucie World

Jucie is a well-known artist and TV celebrity whose career was launched on the back of a collaboration with TaoSquare and a Japanese-based Music Producer. We created a brand strategy and mini EP to differentiate her style from domestic Chinese Pop. The retro style and homage to seventies disco is recorded and sung in both languages. We are Tomorrow | Women Shi Weilai was a huge hit in China, launched on multiple social media platforms and music sites and combined with live appearances in Beijing and on TV. It helped Jucie to launch her TV career as a judge on Talent sporting programmes.

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