Building Brand Experience for B2B Brands

Founder Brendan McMahon has 20 years’ experience working with industrial B2B clients to develop competitive global brand strategies

YKK: Building Brand Strength in China

YKK is one of the most ubiquitous brands in the world today and most people do not realize they use it every day whether in clothing or in other fastening uses. working with YKK for over 4 years, Brendan McMahon led multiple projects to tackle the challenging market environment for the brand as it faced new customers from China and sought to maintain its premium position in multiple fastening markets around the globe. Brendan was involved in developing business propositions with the YKK executive team and then creating appropriate brand strategies, brand training, and communications plans for internal and external audiences.

Astarcor: Communicating Brand Values to Global Audiences

Astarcor is a medium-sized UK-based business with leading technical excellence and a skilled workforce able to develop from scratch a full service, in-house, industrial molding capability for global customers and execute faster and to higher standards than its nearest competitors. With a continuous cycle of investment in its machinery, it can justify its cutting edge positioning. After a merger, TaoSquare was asked to reposition the brand and create a set of communications tools to let its customers know about the new status of the competition. In addition, space was made to reach out to new customers and to be more competitive in its positioning in the market. A communication plan was part of the deliverables. TaoSquare carried out research and developed a positioning and messaging blueprint which were used with creative development to reposition the company. A new website, brochure, and marketing tools along with a refreshed identity including signage, stationery and business cards were part of the deliverables.

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